Live music Bar Sölden

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The devil wears … a bald head! The landlord of the house is not only politically active and a real rebel, he also ignites the rockets and lets it rip on the bass guitar! He gets the best live bands on stage for you and the best schnapps in the shot glasses all over the country.

Live Bar Sölden
Live Bar Sölden


The boss of the house is not just a piece of sugar, she is sugar herself! If you don't know her, you're missing out, because Andrea not only maintains the first 10 bar stools, but the whole place when she's busy.


Benny is not only the creative free spirit of the group, as a globetrotter he also brings a story from every corner of the globe and even converses with the guests in Dutch!

Live Bar Sölden
Live Bar Sölden


Anyone who has come to know and love Chris and Andrea also knows about the live bar's mascot: Border collie dog Josey is a sweetheart to fall in love with. Loyal, with faithful dog eyes and always on course to cuddle, Josey greets every guest and every musician live with a wagging tail!

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Jay kehrt im Winter wieder zurück!

The snowboard and surfing ace is originally from the Netherlands, but you can't tell from his almost accent-free German. Anyone who orders from him also gets a cool saying over the counter and immediately feels at home. No matter where you come from.

Live Bar Sölden